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Dashboard - provides an overview of your feedbacks and provides vital account info

The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your account and highlights important data. You can monitor and review your positive/negative feedbacks, the amount of feedbacks removed, view an intuitive feedback report and more!

Email Builder - Easily customize your content to your needs

We offer two ways to edit your content: Email Wizard and Advanced HTML Editor. The Email builder is designed to provide you with complete flexibility and customization. You also get over 10 Free templates to craft the perfect email message.

Manage Feedback - View, respond, and manage all your feedback

View all positive and negative feedbacks received. More importantly, respond to negative/neutral feedbacks and ask customers to remove negative/neutral feedback. Managing feedback has never been so easy!

Complete customization of your Account

From feedback alerts to email timing, you get full control of your account. You can even choose which products to exclude from your feedback requests.

Reports - Monitor trends and gain insightful information

Being Amazon sellers ourselves, we get how time consuming it can be to retrieve meaningful data from Amazon. That is why we decided to provide our customers with meaningful information.

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