Is there a set-up or activation fee?

No. Feedback Companion has no set-up or sign up fees. You may choose to Start a Free Trial under any of our plans without a credit card.

Can I change my plan at anytime?

Yes. You can feel free to change your plan at anytime.

I'm switching from another feedback service provider, what should I do?

Welcome aboard! Switching to Feedback Companion is EASY! When setting up your Feedback Companion account, one of the options will be "Send emails for All Orders Dating _(Date)_ and after." This date will be the earliest Order Date for sending emails. (So if the previous feedback service stopped sending emails for all orders after April 5th, you can select April 6th as the Date in this setting ).

If a customer has already left a feedback, will Feedback Companion send them a solicited email asking for feedback?

No, we will not send customers emails if they have already left a seller feedback. Our proprietary Software does a full database check before sending an email.

Why should I choose Feedback Companion?

There are several reasons why you should choose us. Overall, you want to pick us to Automate your Feedback Request and get more Positive Feedbacks on Amazon!

Does Amazon permit feedback communications?

Absolutely! Amazon encourages sellers to communicate with buyers for quality customer service and ask for feedback. However, you are not allowed to offer incentives or giveaways to entice positive feedback

Can I ask for feedback from Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA ) orders?

Yes, and we highly recommend it! Take advantage of the excellent shipping service provided by Amazon and boost your seller rating. Feedback Companion automates these feedback requests to help you gain more positive feedback.

What type of information can I include in my emails?

Almost anything, but we encourage you to stick to the following:

  • Thank them for shopping with you
  • Share why their feedback
  • ASK the opportunity to address concerns before leaving a feedback. You have a higher chance of positive feedback when being proactive.
  • Provide a link that directs customers to the feedback page.
  • Provide order details

Note: You are not allowed to provide incentives for providing/removing feedback. See Amazon's Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions for more information

How can Feedback Companion help me with negative or neutral feedback?

Feedback Companion is a complete feedback management system. When you receive a negative and neutral feedback from an Amazon customer, you will have an option to contact the customer (through our platform or via Amazon) and resolve the issuse.

Once an issue is resolved, you can send customers an email asking to remove the negative feedback (directly from our platform). We will even provide a link in the email for the customer so they can easily remove the negative feedback. We will even notify you when a customer removes a feedback.

Can I customize my email design?

Yes, you can use our Advance Email Builder to design your own email. If you would like us to build one for you, please contact us and provide us with details. Our price starts at $100 per design.

How can I cancel my Feedback Companion account?

Please contact us to cancel. If you have a yearly subscription, you will have the remainder of your term with Feedback Companion and not be charged for the following year. Once you have paid for the year or month, there will be no refunds applied for that current period. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Yearly plans: We do not offer a refund for these plans due to the discount you receive for selecting a yearly plan.
Monthly plans: If you decide to cancel, your cancellation will take effect the subsequent month.
For example, if you cancel in March, you will still be charged for March and continue to receive our services. In April, your account will be canceled and you will not be charged for services.