How to Manage Feedback on Amazon

Let’s face it, most satisfied customer will not  actively leave positive feedback.  They usually need a reminder or a small nudge for encouragement.  Unfortunately, that leaves the few dissatisfied customers who leave you poor feedback.

My advice: Don’t be shy to ask for feedback!

Requesting Feedback

Being proactive with feedback allows you to hear from your satisfied customers.  As an Amazon merchant, you need to leverage these customers to increase your credibility.  You also get the opportunity to engage dissatisfied customers, which is equally as important.

Do yourself a favor and start reaching out to your customers.  Heck, Amazon even encourages it!

Why is feedback important?  That’s how you build credibility on Amazon and gain trust from buyers.  On Amazon, customers can easily access your Feedback score, which highlight 3 main aspects of your seller account:

  1. Feedback score (5 star scale)
  2. % positive
  3. Total ratings (the amount of customers leaving feedback).

Seller Rating

This seller has a few options to increase his feedback rating.  One being to request feedback from satisfied customers.  

As an Amazon third party seller, you have the right to reach out to customers.  After each sale, follow up with customers via email.

Write a Solid Email to Request Feedback

When asking for feedback, be genuine and remain customer focused.  Your customers need to know that you are there to solve any problems.  This will also allow you to be proactive and prevent negative feedbacks.

Here are few points to consider when crafting your message:

Thank them for shopping with you.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand.

Ask about their shopping experience.  More importantly, see if they have any concerns with the order.

Provide a link with your Amazon contact info to address any concerns.  (This will allow them to communicate their problems before leaving a harmful feedback)

Provide customer a link to leave feedback.  If the problems get resolved (or if there aren’t any), you will most likely receive a positive feedback!  Hooray!!!

Provide order details

Note:  DO NOT OFFER incentives to solicit positive feedback.  That is a direct violation of Amazon’s Policies and can lead to termination of your seller account.

Examples of email messages:

To further share my experience, here are 2 sample messages you can use:

Sample 1

Subject Line: Your recent Order with Amazon (order #)

Thank you for Shopping with us on Amazon.  We are contacting you to ensure your expectations are met for your order with (AmazonStoreName).    

We pride ourselves in providing quality customer service.  If you had a pleasant buying experience, we would be grateful if you would leave us a feedback on Amazon. If for any reason, you did not have a pleasant experience shopping with us, please allow us the opportunity to address your concerns before leaving a feedback.  

To leave a feedback based off our performance, please click the link below:

Leave Seller Feedback (Link) 

Here are details for you Amazon order: ######

·      Product 1  (leave product review)

·      Product 2  (leave product review)

Thanks again for Shopping with Company Name

Sample 2

 Subject Line: Your recent Order with Amazon (order #)

Hello John Doe,

  Thank you for shopping with COMPANY NAME on

As an Amazon customer, your feedback is important to us.  It allows us to build a stronger relationship with customers like you and builds an accurate representation of our business on

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your transaction, please allow us the opportunity to address your concern before leaving a feedback.

Click here to Contact Seller (Link) 

If you had a positive shopping experience, please click the link below to leave a seller feedback:

Leave Seller Feedback (Link)

Here are details for you Amazon order: ######

·      Product 1  (leave product review)

·      Product 2  (leave product review)


 Thank you for helping our small business,

 COMPANY NAME  Customer Service Team.

Removing Negative Feedback

How you handle negative feedback is an important aspect of your brand.  But, Don’t worry – Here is your chance to shine for your customers! It’s inevitable that at some point, you will receive negative feedbacks from customers.

On Amazon, a buyer can remove feedback within 60 days from the date the feedback was created (policy).  So, I  encourage you to work with customers to resolve any issues on a transaction.

Customers usually leave a bad review to get their issue resolved.  They are trying to get your attention!  Thus, contacting the customer after getting a negative or neutral feedback is crucial.

Do your best to solve the customer’s problem.  Afterwards, politely ask the customer to remove the negative feedback.  

Here are 2 Simple Steps to removing negative feedback:

Direct customers to their Submitted Feedback page by providing this link :

Click Remove button next to the feedback.  If the Remove option isn’t visible, the 60-day removal period may have expired.

Remove feedback

Power of Feedback

Now, imagine being proactive for feedback on every sale.  This process alone can drastically increase your seller rating on Amazon.

On the other hand, sending emails to customers one by one can be time consuming and costly.  For accounts getting 20+ sales a day, your looking at over 600 emails a month!

So, If you are serious about increasing your seller rating, I encourage you to use our automated feedback management software, Feedback Companion. You can Try it for free for 30 days (no credit card required).

Some clients have seen a 800% increase on their feedback performance – Yes, 8 times more positive feedback!

What is Feedback Companion?

A feedback management tool designed for Amazon merchants to increase Seller Feedback Score and Product Reviews. Our Amazon feedback software allows sellers to:

♦ Build custom feedback request messages

♦ Automate feedback request emails

♦ Resolve customer issues

♦ Remove negative feedback

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